Our Equipment

20160507_155511It is a priority for Firestormers, Inc. to have the best and most dependable equipment possible.  Not only is this to avoid downtime and expensive repairs but also to benefit the crew members.  We want to do our very best to provide equipment that the employees know will be dependable and safe and keep them working on the fireline.

Our engines are a 2011 Ram 5500 and a 2015 Ram 5500.  Both are diesel engines with automatic transmissions and 4-wheel drive.  The Rams were chosen for their dependability.  The fire pumps are powered with 18 hp gasoline engines.  Both water tanks are 765 gallons which qualify the engines as type 4 engines with the Forest Service.

engine-backBoth engines are set up almost identical to assist as crew members change trucks for any reason during the season.  We carry equipment far in excess of what is required by our regional agreement.  This helps to ensure that our engine crews always have what they need to provide service above and beyond the minimum.  Many times we have EMTs on our engines and we carry emergency medical supplies including oxygen therapy, trauma and more minor medical equipment that they can utilize as needed.  In the past we have assisted with numerous minor injuries, major trauma, cardiac arrest and heat related medical problems.