About Wildland Firefighting

nickBeing a wildland firefighter can be an extremely rewarding job.  It gives you a chance to help protect our natural resources, enjoy being outdoors and working with a great team of fellow firefighters. It is also hard, grueling work that can test a person if they are not prepared for the effort.  Click on the video below to get an idea of what wildland firefighting is all about.

In order to be a wildland firefighter, you need to be in good physical condition.  To help ensure you are fit for the position, you will be required to take the Ardous Work Capacity Fitness Test  (WCFT).  This involves wearing a 45 pound pack or vest and walking 3 miles within a 45 minute time period.  The video below will show you what the WCFT is all about.  Firefighters, whether on a hand crew or engine, will need to do the arduous pack test.

Here is a list of items to bring when you go on a wildland fire assignment.  This is just a guide.  You may need to bring additional items depending on your specific situation.  Keep in mind you may be gone 14 days or longer and may not have cell reception depending on your location.

Personal Items to Bring