Required Training for Firefighters

Classroom 3
New firefighters attending S130/190 class

The beginning wildland firefighter certification is called a Firefighter Type 2.  This is generally a 4 day class with one day as a field exercise to learn and demonstrate your newly acquired skills.

Prior to the class, you need to take the following on-line classes:

IS 700a  Introduction to the National Incident Command System

IS-100.B  Introduction to the Incident Command System

The in-class training is below:

S130 Basic Firefighting  (Includes a field day)

S190 Introduction to Fire Behavior

L180  Human Factors on the Fireline

This training along with successful completion of the field day and arduous WCFT qualifies you as a firefighter type 2.

You can then take additional classes and with experience and completing your task book advance to a FFT1.

Following that you can take additional training, complete another task book and with more experience become a engine boss (ENGB).  This qualifies you to be in charge of a wildland engine and crew.  Similar training will qualify you to oversee a 20-person hand crew.

Each additional year all wildland firefighters are required to pass the WCFT and also take an annual refresher class to be qualified to work on fires for that year.