Remembering the Fallen

A walk through the fallen wildland firefighter memorial
A walk through the fallen wildland firefighter memorial in Boise, ID

In spite of the extensive effort to provide safety for the thousands of wildland firefighters that work wildfires, almost every year firefighters are lost in tragic accidents.  Our prayers and thoughts are with them and their families.  Here, we give tribute to those that have fallen and to all wildland firefighters who take on this tremendous challenge.


Three of the fallen from 2015 and our home state of Washington

As you walk through this Wildland Firefighter Monument at the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise, ID, you can’t help but feel a reverence and sense of respect for the sacrifice of these firefighters. South Canyon Fire, Mann Gulch Fire, Yarnell Hill Fire and others are marked on the various stones that recognize each firefighter and the fire that took their life.  From each of these lessons have been learned and taught to numerous firefighters in an effort to prevent the same fate from happening to others.

In order to honor the sacrifice these men and women have made we vow to take the lessons learned from these tragic events and use them to help keep ourselves and our fellow brothers and sisters safe when responding to wildland fire incidents.

Sculptures of firefighters in action
 Memorial fountain
Memorial fountain





Click here to learn more about the Wildland Firefighter Monument.

Firestormers, Inc. is proud to be a supporter of the 52 Club of the Wildland Firefighter Foundation.  Their mission is to support those wildland firefighters and their families who have been killed or injured in the course of performing their work.  Check out their site and become a supporter!