Employment Opportunities

SilhouettecroppedFirestormers, Inc. usually has some openings each year for firefighters and/or engine bosses.  We seek quality people to fill these positions.  We usually begin filling our positions in January and February of each year for the coming season.

For the 2019 season we are looking to fill an engine boss position as well as several firefighter positions.

We are looking for employees who are hard working, have a good attitude and can work well in a team setting.  As a Christian based organization, we desire individuals who have high moral standards and who reflect that in their actions.  Experience in wildland firefighting is desired but we are willing to train someone who is willing to make the commitment to be a quality firefighter.  We will require references, drug testing and background checks.  Any drivers will need to have a good driver’s history.

If we do not have openings for regular firefighter positions we may need some backup firefighters.   The backup firefighters are trained the same and will be utilized for crew rest days and when the regular firefighters are not available due to sickness, needing to leave for college or other reasons.  Anyone that is a backup firefighter one year is highest priority for the regular positions for the next year if they have performed well.  Usually we are able to work most backup firefighters into the rotation to give them at least some experience.


All employees need to be located within a 2 hour radius of Ontario, OR to help expedite a quick response when dispatched.   Ontario is our base of operations and we can provide housing if needed for quality individuals.   We provide the housing and pay for groceries (for those in Firestormers’ housing) while we are waiting for dispatches.

Generally we stage the engines and set up the crew around June 15th and the season usually wraps up around the middle of September although we have ran into October before depending on the season.  We may be able to be flexible if someone is only available part of the season.

We try to create a working environment that is safe, productive, a good learning experience and also fun for the employees.  These are a few comments from our employees:

“I have been with Firestormers for over 5 years and it is a great place to work.  Kevin is an awesome person to work for and takes care of his employees to the extent of making them feel like part of his family or a friend and not just an employee.  The pay is above average and paychecks are on time. I would highly recommend working for Firestormers.” – Paul

“Firestormers is awesome for relative beginners.  The training is top notch and it is one of the few wildland contractors that encourages and actively supports advancement from Firefighter II to FF I and even Engine Boss.”  – Luke

“Firestormers, Inc. stands apart from the rest because the company is truly committed to training and looking after its employees.  I would recommend Firestormers to anyone looking for work in wildland firefighting.  If I ever find myself running a business, I hope to run it with the integrity that Firestormers does.” -Samantha

“I have worked both with and for Kevin Curfman for two seasons and he has shown me nothing but respect as both an employee and a person. The company has always treated me with respect and generosity and has provided me with opportunity to progress and become both a better firefighter and person. I am very proud to wear my company shirt because I know what and who it represents.” -Marcus

If Firestormers sounds like the company you would like to work for, please give us a call at 360-880-FIRE and we can visit more.

To download our application, click here.  It can be sent to firestormers@gmail.com.